Austin is an extremely likeable and engaging 14-year-old young man who is in the eighth grade. He likes to be active and play sports, especially basketball. He also likes playing video games, cooking, and watching his favorite team, the New England Patriots. He does have some difficulties with school, but he is passing all his classes. Austin has plans of becoming a police officer or security guard in the future. He has a sister who is planned for separately, and wants to maintain a connection with her after he is adopted. Austin has expressed the desire to be in a home located in a place where he can play sports, such as a suburban neighborhood. It is felt Austin would do well in either a single or a two-parent household, as an only child or with children his age or older. He would enjoy a family who is willing to engage him in sports and other recreational activities. Austin needs a family who is kind, patient and can be a positive role model for him. 

Will you open your heart and home to Austin?

Meredith Mendosa