Shamar loves arts and crafts. He is very friendly and likes to be involved with his peers. He attends an ungraded, 12-month educational program where he receives speech and language, occupational and behavior therapies. Shamar works hard on letters, numbers, sorting objects by shape and color, and writing his name. He can be a little silly and distracted, however, is easily redirected, and does well. Shamar likes to ask a lot of questions. He likes treats at snack time, enjoys cleaning and keeping his room tidy. He does well with his personal hygiene, does his own laundry and is learning how to cook. He is very good at expressing his needs. It is felt that he would benefit from a home with extended family and community supports. Shamar needs an experienced, patient family who can meet his needs in a safe, loving environment. Shamar would be a great addition to any family. Perhaps that family is yours.

Will you consider adopting Shamar?

Photo courtesy of Mid-Hudson Heart Gallery