Francisco, who likes to be called "Cisco", is a caring, friendly, 17-year-old who loves to play sports, video games and listen to music. He is an intelligent young man who sometimes struggles with his academics, but he works hard and always tries his best. Cisco is creative and has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in culinary arts or in the criminal justice field. He can initially be reserved when you first meet him, but as he gets to know you, you'll discover that he is loyal and has the ability to maintain positive relationships. Cisco visits with his 2 siblings that are being planned for separately, and wishes to maintain this connection after he is adopted. It is felt Cisco would do best in a home where the children are his age or older. He needs a kind, nurturing, and patient family who can give him the love and support he deserves.

Are you the family for Cisco?

Photo courtesy of Heart Gallery Syracuse