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Haley is a gifted young lady with a quirky sense of humor.  She loves reading and enjoys writing short stories and poems.  She also plays cards, board games, and listens to county music. Haley wants to be adopted by a loving family and though she would prefer to be an only child, she is open to other children in the home. Haley wants a family who will accept and love her. Haley maintains straight A's, enjoys school and is a viewed as a role model to her peers. She has compassion for others, displays a genuine desire to help and has connections with peers and adults. She aspires to be a nurse. Haley needs a loving, patient, forever family who can provide her with trust, reassurance, and the willingness to understand her.  Her resiliency and optimism are her greatest strengths and with the right family she is sure to flourish. Could you provide this exceptional young lady with a forever family?

Will you consider adopting Haley?

Photo courtesy of Syracuse Heart Gallery