“Who’s working on finding me a family?”  Is a common question to hear from Craig, 19. He longs for a family to call his own.  Even though he is a young man with special needs, he truly understands the longing to be a part of something bigger. He loves to visit people on his campus and knows that the adults in his life care for him and want what’s best for him. One of the amazing thing about Craig is that his smile is genuine and his laughter is contagious. When going on a walk he will most likely bring his Sponge Bob toy and collect things to fill his pockets. He does best when things are planned out for him and he knows what to expect, changes are difficult for him but he does like to earn his rewards. The ultimate reward for Craig would be to go out for a soda!  If you’re up for a pizza and soda, he will be up for tagging along!  An active two-parent home with a support would be ideal for Craig.

Could you be the family for Craig?

Photo by Cathie King
Photo courtesy of Heart Gallery Syracuse