Andrew is a 15-year-old young man who loves electronics such as IPads, cell phones, and videogames. He is a huge Yankees fan and enjoys talking about his team with others. He also really enjoys reading, especially Star Wars books. Andrew will be entering tenth grade in the fall. He is very intelligent and generally does well in all his subjects, but is particularly fond of Math and Science. He recently won several awards for outstanding academic achievement in school. Andrew visits with members of his birth family several times a year. A family should be aware that he would like to maintain this connection after he is adopted. Andrew would like a family who can be patient with him, truly understand him, and he hopes his adoptive family will be open to having a good relationship with his birth family. Andrew has shown that he benefits from a consistent and firm caregiver. He needs a family who can provide him with patience, stability, and permanency.

Are you the family for Andrew?

Photo courtesy of Heart Gallery Syracuse